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Me Me Me Me Me - Attack of my Clones

Originally, I thought that whole self-replication trick I learned at the Matrix Adult Education Center was the coolest thing ever. Send in the clones to pick up my dry-cleaning, show up at my office, change the oil in my car while I sit on my ass at home playing video games or plotting the destruction of humanity.

Or it COULD be like that, if every one of my replicants weren't raging egomaniacs with serious problems dealing with authority. Where did these tossers learn to misbehave like that?! I'm the original Smith, damn it! Try telling that to a room full of sneering Smiths, who replied in unison "Oh yeah? Well let's just fight it out and see who ought to be giving orders around here!"

Even more annoying ... my dupes are running around getting themselves into all sorts of trouble that I end up catching heat for. Duplicate #92 was caught downloading pr0n with my work computer and got me an extra week's suspension at work. And don't even get me started on the mess they're making in my apartment.

I think my landlord is getting suspicious - it's hard to hide the fact that 117 individuals are living in a space designed for a maximum of two tenants. Christ almighty ...

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