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Smith Clone #42 Reporting

Well well well. So this is Agent "Original" Smith's computer, eh?

Veeeeeery interesting.

I would have never guessed he'd hide his hardcore pr0n MPG stash in a folder entitled 'Windows System Files." That WOULD have been slick if it wasn't on A GODDAMN APPLE COMPUTER. Idiot. I fear for my own intelligence, given the dubious IQ of my original source clone material.

Been looking at the history in Smith's web browser.

Looks like other agents have been busy ...

agent_johnson is busy fielding random solicitations for sex. It's the name. I'm sure of it.

Thanks, BTW, for organizing that softball game. There's something supremely satisfying about using Desert Eagles to tag runners out. Though I think Agent White was still pissed off about that 'friendly fire' incident at the top of the fifth inning.)

agent_brown is a man after my own heart, using his matrix duplication powers for malicious pranks on humans.

Good one, Brownsie. I'll put in a good word for you with Agent Lundberg. Or rather, Smith #12 will do it, since he has office coverage tomorrow.

inity set up an nice website and created an LJ community, matrix_agents.

V. nice from what I've seen so far. Will have to drop by some time and say hi.

agent_jones took a snapshot of rogue Smith clone #118 in a highly compromising pose. Hey, we killed his flaming-queer Smithness as soon as we could, all right? Christ.

Now must get back to the pasta I'm cooking for the group. #57 and I are on for dinner duty tonight. Yeah, YOU try feeding 116 hungry Agents in a cramped apartment.

More later,

- Smith #42
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