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Snow__Blind ... Agent Material?

If I were still recruiting talent for the Agency, I would definitely pass along the CV of this individual to our HR department. Clearly, we need to harness the human-crushing strategic talents of this individual in something more productive than WarCraft games.

Two games of Warcraft today that should prove to you without a shadow of a doubt, I am the true harbinger of doom to all that are noob.

First game, 3v3. My name in that game was Silent_Hill. I was also Red and Undead. My allies were Flubber-MOO, and was Pink and Night Elf. Couldn't think of a more fitting name and color for a pansy Night Elf player, and the last ally was some idiot called kill-forless. Green and Undead. More on him later.

After drawing teams, and have a blissful three seconds of silence, I was greeted by the standard welcoming ritual, which is proudly announcing that you are gay and like to fornicate with sheep. Well, I reciprocated.


We do our basic builds, I sent a Ghoul to hire a Pit Lord, because Red Pit Lords fucking rule, and Destromath (You can just feel the aura of ownage just by looking at his name!). Brought him back to base. Apparantly, Destromath is a demon gangstah. Why? Well, Pink was being picked on by bongz and Blue, which I forgot his name. Well, Destromath, upon seeing the lovely Night Elf ho's being picked on, summoned his Ghoul posse and Town Portaled over and met the bitches. Destromath suddenly started acting like a badass bouncer, and a Ghoul behind him starting tossing up gang signs.

(rest of the story ... click here)

My own win-loss ratio is far more checked - though I blame Smith #48 for logging on to my account and racking up sixteen consecutive losses in a row with his idiotic Orc tower-rushing strategy. Grrrr.

More later,

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Deleted comment

It's funny how sheepfucking transcends all fandoms.

For instance, you know they had a sheep in Zion. I mean, where else would they get those shitty wool sweaters? Unless they're synthetic wool plastic. In which case, plastic sheep could take the place of a real sheep.

In any case, you know Neo rides those fuckers.
*Dies laughing*
it's quite sad to see a man at war with himself...
If you tried to take over another Smith's body, would the result be a super-concentrated Smith, or would the other Smith be all, "Hey, quit doing that poking thing with your hand, queermo."?
I have added you to my friends list if that is alright.
Dude,this journal kicks ass. I had to say that.
At the New Year's Eve party, celebrating the arrival of 2004, did you and the other agents play "Dodge this"? I was just wondering.....