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Agent Smith

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Dodge This ... D'oh!

Everybody wants to bite the Agent Smith style.

Been busy starting a new business venture with the other Smiths. Sorry for the lack of updates.

More soon,

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Nice to see you back Agent Smith.
Was I gone?
((A Mexican dude did that. I know him. He's famous in here.))
cant wait to see what you guys pull out of your sleves next. good luck!
What sort of business venture?
Request logged for ROGUE_SMITH/former AGENT_SMITH to explain relevant MATRIX_WORLD security footage example.
Update more for us useless humans...please?
A new business huh? I wonder what it is going to be.
Yes, we have been fairly occupied lately, have we not?
By "business venture," you mean "Whore House," don't you?
He will have to be eliminated.
Put yourself in my shoes.
Uh, I am adding you.
I made a couple icons of you.

No, I am not Neo... but I am better... I am the one-and-only Night Ninja... Master of the Secret Arts of Kung-Fu!

Agent Smith...You and the Matrix must be eliminated to save Zion...
Hey man, just because the last two movies sucked doesn't mean you can stop posting. I demand more "Zany Antics" featuring at least 37 of your clones.