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Hello, Humans

Long time no updates.

So what do you think of me with a goatee?

Tags: vanity
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It makes you look more like the humans that you despise so much...
you are looking more and more human every day.

maybe someday you will smell like us too.
see if Agent Brown can write you a script that aproximates that.

Current mood: productive

eerily familiar!
You have something between your teeth...
I'd like it better if it had special powers. Does it shock people who come too close? Might you extend a chin whisker and siphon knowledge from their brains? Can you combine a brown strand with a grey to make things go boom?
You look quite nefarious. A+
You need a twinkle somewhere. Like on the right side of your mouth. Like a toothpaste advert. "now with whitening! *ting*"
Still psycho.
better without:D:D:D